Our Field to Your Kitchen

Much like our family, we love watching our produce grow. From planting, to harvesting, to shipping, to end customer service we have our hand in every process.  This allows us to have 100% traceability on all our products, so you can be sure that it is coming from our family farm to your table.

Purchase and using certified seed ensures a healthy, disease-free crop that is more consistent.


Using knowledgeable staff, GPS monitoring and the latest in precision planting technology, we ensure a precise and efficient planting process which results in more plants per acre and correct spacing provides for well-formed and well-sized produce.

We maintain pivot irrigation, identified for its even disbursement of water, is used to manage growth and quality.  Abundant sunshine, along with responsible irrigation, and experienced staff makes for quality produce year after year.

Potatoes being our primary vegetable focus are not being grown in the same field every years, which promotes the control of a sustainable crop rotation with our beans, beets, carrots, corn and peas.   Decreasing production costs, increasing yields, and raising high quality vegetables for our customers is a core value.

Quality is one main objective, but food safety, security, and traceability are integral to our farming. We are USDA GAP certified for the farm and our farming practices and we are in control of all aspects of this program to ensure the highest compliance. Audits are performed annually

Harvest involves using modern equipment to uncover the potatoes and a gentle hand as potatoes pass from field to transport.  While some product is graded in the field and then sent directly to the processor, the majority of our potatoes are transported to our wash facility where the potatoes are washed, graded and sized, and then placed into controlled atmosphere storage facilities.

Our process starts with ensuring our crop is well preserved and consistent with the quality from the day it was harvested. Forced air coolers in our warehouse allow us to store potatoes almost year-round in a climate controlled environment

We believe that shipping is not just about loading products on a truck and handing over responsibility to the customer. Unlike most growers we have onsite logistics and offer full traceability on all of our products. This assures that you, the customer, know exactly where your products are coming from (down to the field they were grown in and back to the seed purchased) as well as gives you confidence of on time delivery.

Customer Service 
Our relationship with our customers does not stop after the purchase of one of our products. We are committed to providing complete customer service, with the goal of cultivating a long term relationship.